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The 4C SMART BTC, ETH & LINK Bots work on automation and trade round the clock 24/7 to grow your crypto portfolio stably over time. With a combined return of +1,000% since the bots' creation, we invite you to give it a try for 7 Days for FREE! 

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3 Ways 4C Grows Your Wealth


Automated Trading Bots

The 4C SMART Bots are programmed to read advanced trading algorithms from the biggest crypto markets. They trade on autopilot to ensure you'll never miss an opportunity.


Support From Expert Traders

Our crypto experts are always around to provide you with support before making any big decisions.


Market Reports & Insights

We issue informative market reports and insights to ensure 4C users are aware of the latest trends in the crypto market.

What does my free trial include? 

These free members-only perks are added to your 7-Day free trial,

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✅Full access to our SMART BTC, ETH, & LINKS Bots

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"We from SmartOptions have been following 4C's channels since their beginning and we greatly favor their professionalism, technology and extremely fast, reliable support. They are many crypto trading service that have gotten positive reviews but none can offer what 4C-Trading offers in terms of their overall package." 

Hear from our customers...

"Innovative and efficient. I really like the SMART Bot. The algo does a fantastic job and is perfect for conservative investors like me." - Ronny Mc Donald.


"I just watch the bot does its magic. I can take my time to catch up on technical side of things - the 'Diamond Reports', watch the analysis, join the live stream and chat rooms are a great place to join discussions and learn." - Tom Vercruysse.

"The SMART BTC Bot shows great results, ~ +40% in USDT yearly in long timeframes, like about a year. I don't know another instrument in the market that gives such profit." - Anders


The Proven Performance Record of SMART Bots

 Backed by a strong performance record of +1,000% since their creation,

the SMART Bots have been bringing stable returns for our customers.💰 


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SMART Bots Performance Table

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"Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn't, pays it."

Albert Einstein